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It was normal to...

Appeared as a comment on Facebook - published with permission

We came over nearly 8 years ago with barely anything and was renting but finally building our own house and getting grants from the government which is amazing. Also getting close to 50 and not much in our superannuation as yet, but we are extremely happy. I was just talking to my husband recently about how some things in South Africa used to be our normal everyday life and that none of that applies here in Australia for example;

It was normal to not drive at night if you didn’t need to.

It was normal to skip a red robot at night if there were no cars coming.

It was normal to lock your car doors and look around anxiously if someone is approaching.

It was normal to except the possibility that the customers you take on a test drive (I worked at a dealership) might hijack you

It was normal for a new car to be hijacked in broad daylight with ak47’s whilst its being loaded off the truck and into the dealership.

It was normal to not drive with your handbag or cell phone visible as you’ll be ‘smash & grabbed’.

Is was normal to fear for your and your families life everyday.

It was normal to wake up at night when you hear a noise and look out the window to see if someone’s in your yard.

I can go on and on and sometimes I don’t understand why, if you have the means to and don’t have a definite reason to stay in SA, you would not want to live in a country where that doesn’t have to be your normal. And of course there are so many other amazing things on top of that peace and safety as well.

Just giving my 2c.

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