• Johannes Joubert

To everyone making plans to immigrate.... please do know this.

It surely is tough to immigrate. It is not easy, and there will be lots of times you will doubt yourself into why you are making these difficult decisions. I am talking from experience. I have worked and lived in the UK for 4 years, I too also have worked in, lived in Australia for 10 years and I got my Australian Passport in which I am so proud of. I also worked in New Zealand for 18 months. I am currently back in Queensland, Australia, which made me realize I am back home.

For those who come over with money, great for you, and I am really happy you have those as a safety net to fall back to. For those without those financial backups, do not worry..... most immigrants start with nothing in Oz. It is your shear will and determination for a better future which will make you survive... yes it will not be easy but you will be stronger and plan better together. If all else... you will be much stronger as a family.

With only one income, you can survive and still enjoy what Australia has to offer. You will experience things everyone takes for granted in Oz, are those things which you will appreciate most..... clean parks, clean roads, free entrances, lots of clean open spaces, lots of things to do.... most are free... living close to a beach or forrest or enchanting landscape.

Getting away from Load Shedding, Corrupt Players in SA, Failing Governments, Poor service deliveries if any.... Poor education systems, failed promised, all coming to a much more improved country, like Australia.

Yes you will feel the fear, the uncertainty, the lonely emotions, missing your family, when you are immigrating to another country. But do not ever think you are the only one who are going through these tough times. You will feel like this.... for a couple of weeks until things begin to settle down...

Yet, you will become used to the new names for shops and places. You will get accustomed to your new income and new rules that actually works. You will start to make new friends. You will become used to public transport such as busses and trains. You will learn that your kids may adapt faster than you think, even speaking better Aussie slang better than you could imagine. Kids adapt so quick and so amazing, you will soon find they will correct you on your grammar.

Your fears will start to become less and life will become normal. Trust me. You will survive.

For whatever reason you have come to Australia, whether it was for, a better life, better finances, better education, better society, to maybe just having the experience.... you will soon discover why Australia has the greatest lifestyle to offer to you all.... the appreciation of a beautiful country who really try to keep their people safe. Yes their politics is messy such as backstabbing, not to be trusted by the public, but at least the Australians economy does not stagger while the politicians fight it out....

I suggest you ask as many silly questions you can until you get an answer. I suggest you join a group in Australia where you feel comfortable to make friends, either in a church or in a community centre or at a like minded group of people. Yes do ask people if you can borrow stuff. Yes do ask people if you can help someone. Yes do make a budget when you are shopping. Be sure you know what your goals are in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years when you enter Australia.

Here you can actually plan for the future...

Yes life is like a box of chocolates. Each one is different, but we need to stay positive. Keep your head up high. Whatever feels like it is bad and never-ending, it will change, it will become better. You will change, and your family will become stronger and your future will be brighter. We are survivors !!!! Show yourself what you can achieve..... not to always be the best, but to be the better part of yourself.

It takes about 6 months for the new things to become back to normal. Being a little depressed after 6 months or so is rather a normal occurrence, indicating that the honeymoon period is getting replaced by a normal style of life. To get totally accustomed to everything takes about 2 years.... to recover financially for those who come to Australia with almost nothing but their suitcases, it will take between 3 to 5 years..... which is a small price to pay. Make financial goals together, stay together and try your best to support each other without judgement or abuse. Be kind. Be considered.

Not all of us immigrants come in with the same background or financial backing as some. I only arrived back in 2008 with only my suitcases and $80 that needed to last me 2 weeks for food... trust me.... you can survive....

To those who have questions because they fear the unknown, please ask for support. For those who has emotions leaving family behind, get your support now. There will be all sorts of people who are willing to support you when you arrive in Oz.... do not always think that by acting strong, that it will open doors. Be sometimes the fearful person who needs a helping hand.... you will be surprised to see and experience who will be helping.... it is sometimes a person from a different culture who acts compassionately towards you and your family..... be that kind to accept those helping hands, as much as you will one day be that person who will help others as well one day when you are able to do so.....

Let us be the generation who become a united in a multi diverse society, who accepts a new life. Embrace the changes and look out for each other. Remember why you actually left. Enjoy your new life in Australia. Welcome to you all who is on the verge of making a life changing decision which you will never forget.

Its has been and still is AMAZING in Australia.

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