• Rankin le Roux

Facebook, NOT everyone's friend?

Not everyone gets their answers from Facebook precisely as they want. Here is a series of post that we reconstructed to show the amount of mis communications there are on Facebook. None of the names are real and the posts have been redesigned. If there is any similarity it is in idea only and definitely not to name any real person.

In most or all the cases the writer of the post did not receive any information they can use;

It is always funny when the people who are trying to help are actually helpless themselves.

Or if an admin tries to help

And even those uninvited comments

and sometimes the idea is misunderstood from the start

Recognise some of them, please send yours to me at rankin@catch-247.com

Yes, surely she must be familiar with KZN

And some are actually plain rude. Send me your example to rankin@catch-247.com

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