Facebook Groups and links

Facebook groups, websites and forums are an excellent source of information. Real stories and pertinent questions help the reader make decisions. It is important to realise that certain groups, forums and links are managed for a specific purpose. Some may be administered by migration agents and favours their services and other more related to the process of migrating and finding a job. Please us the links provided to build you network of reference sites.


List of Facebook Groups and Forums

If you would like to add yours, please email link to rankin@catch-247.com



Die groep is gestig as ‘n ondersteuningsgroep vir Suid-Afrikaners in Australia en die wat oppad is hierheen. We are not a service provider, but a willing support group to help where we can.

South Africans migrating to Australia:

A forum run & owned by 7 Mara registered agents. Members are asked NOT TO promote other agents on this forum. (NOTE: other agents are required to talk to Admin prior to requesting to be added as a members). Our agents remain individual & independent agents, working under their own banners and their own Mara registration.


About SA people, anywhere in the world. Not just the celebs, but ALL South Africans (& fans of SA). 

SAaustralia Forum: 

Website based forums on all immigration and expat issues.


IELTS Support Community

This group was created for committed students who are looking to advance their IELTS skills. We are here to share thoughts and support each other. Feel free to ask questions and support other members of this group.