How it works

Your Questions, Answered

The intent is to list every business, person or service entity that provides a business or service that will benefit South Africans (ex South Africans, SAFFA's) in Australia or planning to move to Australia in such a way that it will be easily accessed and researched by the anyone.


It all started with Covid-19. My travel business (mainly serving the expat South African market) could not survive the pandemic.

After 8 years of talking and interacting with a lot of ex South Africans I truly realised their dreams and aspirations as many started a small business, were working from home and works hard to make a living in the "new" country, we call home.


In line of my business I also realised the need for information and frequently asked questions to the various Facebook pages. From immigration to schools to Doctors to builders. They left their network in South Africa and were constantly asking for advice. Sometime to the annoyance of a Facebook admins, evry time a new batch arrives the same questions.

Every area, state or territory has its own South African affiliated Facebook page that tries to help and inform. Then there are the national ones and even international ones providing information.

Then the idea of a general information directory was born. Not to take away from what is already there, but to enhance, promote and place everything together on one site.

- Rankin le Roux